You Can Get a Giant 22-Scoop Ice Cream Sundae Served in a Fishbowl

Mo & Moshi in Bangkok has become famous for their gargantuan sundae known as the Strawberry Supreme

Puts all of those measly alcoholic fishbowls to shame.

Come hungry, eat your body weight in ice cream, and leave happy. An ice cream shop in Bangkok, Thailand, has become famous for its gargantuan 22-scoop ice cream sundae — so big they have to serve it in a fishbowl.

At Mo & Moshi, you can share this impressive dessert with two (or 10) of your closest friends, or challenge yourself to tackling the Strawberry Supreme sundae alone. The sundae is loaded with six mini-waffles, vanilla soft serve, a layer cake, vanilla and raspberry parfait, three packages’ worth of strawberry Pocky, and fresh strawberry slices, according to Foodbeast. If you order one, apparently the servers will bring you huge wooden salad spoons instead of regular spoons to properly enjoy the gigantism. The whole creamy experience will cost you about $87 USD.

It seems that Mo & Moshi specialize in over-the-top desserts: You can also order a fruit sorbet that towers one-and-a-half feet tall or tackle a huge Ferrero Rocher banana ice cream sundae that’s bigger than your head. People have documented their attempts to tackle their huge creations all over social media:


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