Sweden Launches Gourmet Food Truck for Dogs

Dogs need to eat well, too!

This gourmet food truck for dogs serves Swedish beef with oxblood.

One of the world’s first gourmet food trucks for dogs opened in Stureplan, Sweden, on June 15, according to The Local Sweden.

Wonderboo is a start-up food truck for pooches created by Magnus Rosengren. He said that dog owners should be wary of what their canines are eating, just as humans are. “I want to help dog owners give their dogs the best conditions for a long and healthy life while making it convenient,” Rosengren said in a press release.

What makes this food truck “gourmet” is a key ingredient: fresh Swedish beef. For now, there are two dishes offered at the truck: Swedish Ox, which is made with oxblood, and a “light” version that is less dense and ideal for smaller pets.


Wonderboo currently sells packs of Swedish beef and “light” dishes on their website for delivery. A cod fillet variety is coming soon. Shipping is only available within Sweden, but more countries will be added in the near future, with plans to open shop in Los Angeles this fall. For now, we wish these dogs “bone” appétit!