Donald Trump

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London Pub Lets Brits Vote for Their Least Favorite Republican Candidate in an Interesting Way

Bizarre poll invites customers to pee into the mouth of their candidate of choice

A London pub called The Three Stags is letting customers weigh in on the U.S. presidential candidates, specifically Republican nominees Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. It is taking a perhaps not-so-politically correct ‘piss poll’ for The Last Leg, a satirical British television show.

The ‘piss poll’ invites customers to urinate into the mouth of the candidate they most dislike, reports The Week. Originally, only the urinals in the men’s bathroom were outfitted with giant cardboard cutouts of the candidates, however after some protests over social media, the cutouts were added to the women’s bathroom to allow women to also have their say.

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As for the current frontrunner, pub owner Richard Bell tells The Evening Standard, “Obviously Trump’s winning. 90 percent of people, including me, pee in Trump’s mouth every time.”