Wikimedia Commons / jeffreyw / CC BY 2.0

Disney Posts a ‘Healthy Gumbo’ Recipe and Offends Louisianans Everywhere

Kale, quinoa, and no roux? Nothing short of blasphemy

Wikimedia Commons / jeffreyw / CC BY 2.0

Disney has since removed the video from its social media accounts.

A seemingly innocent video recipe post by Disney for a gumbo — to tie in with the New Orleans-based animated film The Princess and the Frog — has drawn criticism on social media.

Disney has since taken down the “Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo” video from the official Facebook page of the movie and its other social media accounts, detailed, but the internet has not forgotten.

The recipe was criticized for “its use of kale, quinoa and its lack of a roux.”

“I can make a better gumbo than this in 45 minutes! I know because I've tried... on national TV, no less. This is atrocious,” Jay Ducote, Baton Rouge food blogger and reality TV show regular, wrote. Another comment said, “I'm so offended by this recipe my grandpa would be rolling over in his gravy… I mean grave.”

The hashtag #GumboStrong began circulating on social media among users expressing their negative sentiments towards the video.


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