Trailer: Chef Eddie Huang's Memoir Made into ABC Sitcom

Eddie Huang's memoir has been picked up by ABC for a family sitcom
Watch: Chef Eddie Huang's Memoir Made into ABC Sitcom
Fresh Off the Boat

Hudson Yang stars as a young Eddie Huang in the upcoming ABC comedy, "Fresh Off the Boat."

Fresh Off the Boat, the upcoming ABC sitcom based on Chinese-American chef Eddie Huang’s memoir of the same name, has just released a trailer, and it looks pretty promising.

Baohaus' Eddie Huang narrates the story of a young Eddie and his Taiwanese family moving from Washington, D.C. to Orlando to support the American dreams of Eddie’s father. What is that American dream? To own a cowboy restaurant, called Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse.

Faced with the prospect of making all new friends in a new community with a much smaller (or perhaps non-existent) Chinese community, Eddie finds that the key to fitting in is to eat like the Americans do.

“I need white people lunch,” Eddie begs his mom before they enter a giant American grocery store (Food 4 All!!!!). The scene is the star of the whole trailer, and brings me back to countless conversations I had with my mom about why I should be allowed to buy Lunchables.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Fresh Off the Boat:

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