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Tim Hortons Launches New KitKat-Flavored Coffees

Because chocolate and coffee are a match made in heaven
kit kat coffee tim hortons
Diane Labombarbe/

Fall is typically reserved for pumpkin spice lovers, but Halloween is coming up and we’ve got our minds on candy. Since it’s not socially acceptable to trick or treat when you’re a full-grown adult, that’s out of the question, but the Tim Hortons' drive-thru is not. The Canadian doughnut chain is serving three brand-new beverages, and they all taste like a KitKat bar.

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tim hortons kit kat coffee

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

For a limited time only, consumers can order from the new line-up, which includes a KitKat Iced Capp featuring a blended, frozen coffee-cream base, chocolate wafer syrup and KitKat crumbles; a KitKat Latte with espresso, chocolate wafer syrup and KitKat crumbles; and a KitKat Hot Chocolate with the chain’s classic hot chocolate, creamy chocolate wafer syrup and KitKat crumble. 

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Tim Hortons’ KitKat collection is available to consumers in the U.S. for a limited time only. Pricing and availability is subject to each individual shop, so call your local Timmy Hos ahead of time to find out whether or not you can get it there. If you can't, we won't judge you for hitting up the clearance section of your local store on Nov. 1 for the 25 most popular Halloween candies in America.