Three- Michelin-Starred Sushi Chef Opens New Restaurant

Masa Takayama, owner of Masa, is opening up Kappo Masa with world-famous gallerist

Three- Michelin-Starred Sushi Chef Opens New Restaurant

One of New York’s most famous sushi chefs, Masa Takayama, will be opening up a brand-new restaurant later this month with gallerist Larry Gagosian called Kappo Masa. Takayama, who is the owner of Masa — one of only seven New York City restaurants with three Michelin stars, and number 66 on The Daily Meal's 101 Best Restaurants — will be opening the new spot later this month, underneath Gagosian’s Madison Avenue gallery location, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The unusual partnership between Takayama and Gagosian began when the latter of the two became a bi-monthly regular at Masa. Kappo Masa promises to be a little more casual than Masa with an a la carte menu and sushi that’s served with a little less pomp and circumstance. The name itself, which roughly translates to “Massa’s Japanese Restaurant,” suggests a wider cooking style, and less formal atmosphere. The restaurant will also be larger than Masa, with 82 seats to Masa’s 26.

"I wasn't going to put in Larry's Diner or Larry's Bar." Gagosian said about his decision to ask a chef as prestigious as Takayama to come on board. "He's ambitious.”

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