Thermos Will Send Hot Coffee from Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Craving coffee from your favorite coffee shop? Thermos will deliver it to your doorstep, steaming hot

This genius marketing campaign from Thermos might be our favorite one of the year.

In one of the most innovative marketing campaigns we’ve seen yet, Thermos, or Genuine Thermos Brand, has created the Overnight Coffee Challenge to prove the prowess of its now 110 year-old product, which explorer Robert Peary had with him when he discovered the North Pole in 1909 (if you accept his version of events).

In partnership with a select few of the most popular coffee shops around the country, Thermos will launch its overnight challenge on May 22nd, during which coffee lovers will have the chance to get hot coffee delivered overnight from different parts of the country.

Thermos promises that upon arrival, the coffee will be “ready to enjoyed in all its steamy, hot glory.”

First up is the San Francisco-based Ritual Coffee Roasters, which has regularly been named one of the best coffee shops in the country, and was featured in our very own list of America’s Best Coffee Shops.

The Ritual delivery, which arrived at The Daily Meal offices in New York City this morning around 8 a.m., was indeed steaming hot, and a big hit around the office. For the special delivery, Ritual chose a blend from Antigua, Guatemala called Hacienda Carmona.

"This has been a spectacular year for quality from Hacienda Carmona, a coffee we always look forward to," said Ritual owner Eileen Rinaldi. “From our very earliest tastings, this coffee has been jumping off the table with flavors of honeydew and apricot, over delicious caramel and milk chocolate."

The official challenge will launch on Thermos’ Facebook page on May 22nd. Ritual will deliver fresh, hot coffee to 25 contest winners during the first run.

Throughout the year, Thermos will continue the Overnight Coffee Challenge by partnering with more fan-nominated coffee shops all over the country. Coffee lovers can nominate themselves and their favorite coffee shops by posting on the Thermos Facebook page or by tweeting @Thermos on Twitter with the hashtag #OvernightCoffee.

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