Starbucks is the Business Travelers’ Most-Expensed Brand

Expense reports show that business travelers most often turn to Starbucks for the reliable menu and Wifi

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Business travelers' expense reports reveal a wide reliance on Starbucks.

According to a recent spending report from Certify — a company that manages corporate expense account processing — Starbucks is the most-expensed food and beverage brand for corporate travelers, with approximately 4.57 percent of all meals expensed purchased at the green mermaid. The average receipt came to $10.83. 

McDonald’s, at 2.99 percent of meals expensed, had average receipt of $7.66, followed by Subway, Panera Bread, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The trends confirm a noted decrease in the amount of money that business travelers, increasingly of the millennial ilk, spend on meals. “Younger travelers might have a Bacon McDouble and Dr Pepper for dinner at McDonald’s, or a chicken lettuce wrap with a caramel flan latte for lunch at Starbucks — consumed while working on a mobile device,” for example. 

The reasons for Starbucks’ dominance are of course, the chain’s convenience (there are roughly 13,500 locations in North America alone), along with “value, familiarity and (not least) the availability of Wi-Fi,” suggests The New York Times.

Certify’s chief executive Robert Neveu confirmed to The New York Times, “Wi-Fi is a key driver, along with consistent quality of the food.”

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