Should High Schoolers Be Allowed to Brew Beer?

A Colorado high school biology class is studying the beer brewing process

A high school class is brewing beer to learn about biology.

A high school teacher has caused quite a stir in Colorado after assigning biology students a project on the beer brewing process. reports that the assignment asks students to learn the ingredients and equipment needed to brew beer, as well as the necessary steps to produce the beer. Students can earn extra credit if they tour Coors Brewery to learn more about the brewing process.

"In no way does this assignment promote the use of alcohol, but rather a deeper understanding of anaerobic respiration," the synopsis also reads.

Parents, however, are worried that this will seemingly promote the use of alcohol to students. "Their (teenagers’) judgment isn’t always what it should be at this age, which is the reason we step in and say, ‘You cannot buy alcohol until you’re 21,'" one parent said. "I don’t see any reason to teach a 15-year-old the steps in brewing alcohol."

The process of fermentation has been taught for years without complaint, although this might be the first time students were asked to delve specifically into the process of brewing beer. A statement from Jefferson County School District says they will be reviewing the assignment in question.


"The teaching of fermentation or anaerobic respiration is a Colorado standard taught in biology classes. Teachers make choices in designing the lesson plans which help students meet those standards. While we value the efforts our teachers make to inspire learning in our students, we will be reviewing the assignment in question," the statement read. "Meanwhile, any parent who feels this is not an appropriate activity can request an alternative assignment covering the same content."