Salt Intake Linked To Snoring And More News

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Salt and Snoring: A survey found a link between increased salt intake and sleep apnea. Perhaps the cure to your sleeping woes is simply reducing the amount of salt you're eating? [HuffPo]

Freezing Food FAQ: Can you eat that year-old steak in your fridge? Probably, one expert says. [CTV News]

Student Contest for Food Change: The White House has launched an Agricultural Innovation Prize contest, asking students to come up with ideas to rethink the food system, with the winning team earning $100,000. [Grist]

Bathroom Attendants: Next Tipping Debate? Should restaurants have awkward bathroom attendants? Balthazar's attendants spark a debate. [First We Feast]

Stupak and Achatz Dinner: Alex Stupak and Grant Achatz will host an encore dinner this Friday, following their Thanksgiving dinner Thursday. Tickets are $325 a person. [Grub Street]