Pinkberry Co-Founder Found Guilty of Assault

Young Lee, no longer associated with Pinkberry, was found guilty of beating a homeless man with a tire iron

Lee faces up to seven years in prison.

Young Lee, co-founder of the popular Pinkberry frozen yogurt chain, faces up to seven years in prison after being found guilty of assault.

Last year news broke that Lee, who is no longer affiliated with the frozen yogurt brand, was arrested for allegedly beating a homeless man with a tire iron in 2011.

Lee, who was arrested in January 2012, claimed that the man "made explicit threats as if he had a weapon" to Lee and a car full of people, including Lee's fiancé. The homeless man, Daniel Bolding, reportedly showed Lee and his passengers an "offensive" tattoo of a man and woman having sex, which enraged Lee and he returned to find Bolding, chased him with a tire iron, forced him to kneel and apologize, and beat him.


Lee was found guilty Friday and faces up to seven years in prison, as Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Henry Hall declared Lee a "significant threat to the community," as he had also threatened a witness at trial.