Pinkberry Co-Founder Explains Reasons Behind Beating Incident

His attorney says he felt 'threatened' and 'at risk'

In a story that keeps getting stranger and stranger, Pinkberry co-founder Young Lee's attorney has stepped up to explain why Lee chased down a homeless man and beat him with a tire iron last June.

Lee was arrested Monday night and held with $60,000 bail. His criminal defense attorney claims the homeless man Lee allegedly beat "made explicit threats as if he had a weapon." The six people in the car, he claims, felt "at risk" and "threatened."

Other reports, however, say that the incident was sparked by a "sexually explicit" tattoo, allegedly of a man and woman having sex. Lee reportedly told police that he found the tattoo offensive.

In the meantime, Pinkberry is distancing itself from its co-founder with a statement: "Mr. Young Lee has no involvement with Pinkberry, our partners, or our more than 170 stores worldwide. Pinkberry ended its ties with Mr. Lee formally on May 1, 2010."

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