Now You Can Get Your Own Personal Butler on Demand

Alfred is a just-launched butler service that allows the New York elite to come home to a perfect household
Now You Can Get Your Own Personal Butler on Demand

Tired of plain-old maid service? Alfred kicks it up a notch (for those that can afford it).

Have you ever thought to yourself, as you realize that you forgot to do the laundry again, that it would be a lot easier if you could simply leave your house for the day without having to worry about mundane chores? Meet Alfred (named after the beloved Batman character, presumably), the new, just-launched butler service in New York that provides you with an awesome butler to do your laundry, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and pretty much any chore you can think of. If it sounds a bit posh, that’s because it is, and most of the positive testimonials come from financial professionals and CEOs.

But surprisingly, Alfred actually only costs $99 per month. In return for forking over just under $100 per month, you will hand over a set of spare keys to your Alfred, and he will do your bidding and keep your household in tip-top shape just the way you like it. Best of all, according to the website, your personalized butler will learn your preferences, and will even keep the fridge stocked with your favorite snacks and beverages. Of course, you will have to pay for the food and laundry services. According to a Forbes two-week review of the service, “Alfred really works,” and as a bonus: the company pays each of their butlers at least $18 per hour with benefits.