Natural Light Now Makes Hard Seltzer, And It's Actually Really Good

Who’s your Natty Daddy?
natural light seltzer
Courtesy of Natural Light

Natural Light, better known as "Natty Light" or "Natty Daddy," is a cheap party beer that could taste a lot like water to some, but is beloved by college students and budget beer fans nonetheless. It’s been nearly 40 years since the brewski launched as Anheuser-Busch’s first widely distributed light beer, but today spiked seltzer takes center stage, so Natural Light got in on that, too.

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Natural Light Seltzer arrives hot off the immense success of cult-favorite brands like White Claw, Truly, and Bon & Viv. It currently comes in two flavors: Catalina Lime Mixer and Aloha Beaches. Both are available now nationwide via 12-pack, 24-pack and single-serve 25-ounce tallboy cans.

Daily Meal staffers got a first taste of the new seltzers thanks to Natural Light, and they’re good. The better of the two is the cherry-lime Catalina Lime Mixer. Besides being a flavor that's majorly quotable from Will Ferrell's “Step Brothers," it also just plain tastes good

In comparison to other spiked seltzers, it’s substantially more fragrant. If someone put this drink in front of you and wafted it up your nostrils, you’d think you were face-to-face with a cherry Airhead, which is undeniably one of the candy’s best flavors. It’s strong on the palate too, but still manages to honor the diluted taste of vodka soda. That’s essentially what these things are meant to mimic, right? Vodka soda in a can?

We’d drink this at the beach bar, during a party or in the shower. Catalina Lime Mixer does not disappoint.

The other flavor, Aloha Beaches, has essences of mango and peach. It’s... fine. The scent is nice, but we didn’t catch any peach when we threw it down the hatch. To be fair, these tropical flavors are kind of hard to imitate because real, fresh mango is so delicious it can’t be matched. So we definitely caught on to the faux-fruit flavor here. It’s not bad, but its counterpart is leaps and bounds better.


For the record, Natural Light Seltzer has more calories than White Claw, ringing in at 133 as opposed to 100. On the contrary, the Natural Light variety has an ABV of 6 percent, and White Claw has 5 percent. That’s not momentous by any means, but if you’re concerned about any of that stuff, we’re here for you. Hard seltzers are generally better for you than beer in terms of calories and sugar, but out of all the booze out there, these beers are the healthiest ones for you.