MillerCoors Installs Largest Solar Panel Array at Any US Brewery


MillerCoors is looking to lead the way in the beer industry in supporting environmental causes. 

MillerCoors is paving the way for a greener and more energy-efficient future, by becoming the first major brewery in America to install a large array of solar panels for beer production. The brewing company just unveiled a giant solar panel, with 3.2-megawatt capacity at its Irwindale brewery. The solar panel is the largest of its kind to be installed at a brewery.

“From heating our kettles to the packaging process, we rely on energy to brew our quality beers. Simply put, without energy there is no beer,” said Tom Long, MillerCoors CEO, in a statement. “But we are acutely aware of the energy stress on this community, so we are doing our share — plus some — to decrease usage by installing this solar array. This step toward brewing more sustainably makes us a better brewer and a better neighbor to the residents of Los Angeles County.”


The solar array generates electricity without producing any emissions, and, together with more than 10,000 solar panels installed at the MillerCoors Irwindale brewery, will limit dependence on traditional energy usage and help to create 7 million cases of beer annually.