McDonald’s Reportedly Testing Out New Slogan

McDonald’s rumored second slogan is a little strange

McDonald's rumored newest slogan takes on Internet bullies.

McDonald’s is reportedly looking to revive its falling profits with a slogan revival that sounds perhaps even more ill-considered than the new age-y Burger King slogan introduced in May 2014, “Be your way.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s will launch a new advertising campaign with the slogan “Lovin’ Beats Hatin,” which apparently “aims to spread happiness in the face of Internet hate,” sources told the publication.

The new slogan is not an outright replacement of McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It,” but is meant to help increase the burger chain’s marketing power. The rumored second slogan is expected to roll out on January 1 and will include a 60-second spot during Super Bowl XLIX on February 1.

So far, McDonald’s has not confirmed the news. “We’re always working with our partners on great new creative,” a spokeswoman for McDonald’s told The Wall Street Journal.  ”It’s highly speculative and premature to talk about Super Bowl ads and future campaigns for next year.”

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