McDonald’s Japan Introduces the McChurro


When is the McChurro going to come to the US of A?

Apparently love for sweet and sticky fried dough is universal. McDonald’s Japan announced that it is rolling out a brand new item: the McChurro, which is available either covered in cinnamon sugar or with pancake syrup for dipping. The churros roll out this week in McDonald’s restaurants across Japan for 159 yen ($1.56 US), and will only be available for a limited time.

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According to Brand Eating, although the pastry is a deep-fried sweet stick of dough, it’s actually more similar to the Chinese treat, youtiao, than the traditional churro.Youtiao, aka the Chinese cruller, are deep-fried, usually savory pieces of dough that are popular snacks in China, and the churro is the sweeter Spanish variation on this. Let’s hope these Mc-creations come to America soon!


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