Major Chinese Food Supplier’s Warehouse Busted for Disgusting Rat Infestation

Major Chinese Food Supplier’s Warehouse Busted for Disgusting Rat Infestation

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Think twice before diving into your carton of lo mein.

Well, this certainly leaves a bad taste in our mouths, and we’re not talking about a poor batch of noodles. New Young Wah, a major Chinese food supplier in Brooklyn, has just been slapped with numerous serious health violations by the FDA. The warehouse for the Williamsburg-based supplier, which is located in Pennsylvania, can only be described as a series of gag-inducing images that will make you never want to eat Chinese takeout again: the warehouse was reportedly infested by rats and birds, which were seen flying, crawling, and defecating on and around the food products.

In a newly released letter to the facility, the FDA details the results of the inspection, which took place in October, including a rodent nest inside a box that was thawing ribs, rodent carcasses littering the first floor of the facility, birds flying through and defecating on the food supplies, bite marks on the food cartons, and feces observed in and around the storage area. The FDA also observed workers smoking while handling the food products in the facility, as well as workers indiscriminately using rodent poison to kill of the pest infestations, without taking proper care to make sure that the pesticide did not make its way into the food itself.

"FDA has serious concerns that our investigators found your firm operating under these conditions," the FDA letter said. "Further, your response states that your firm is committed to maintaining and operating a facility which provides the highest quality service to its customers and to the consuming public. We do not consider this response acceptable because you failed to provide documentation for our review, which demonstrates your noted corrective actions.”

New Young Wah has not responded to media requests for comment.  

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