Lee Schrager Talks 2014 New York City Wine and Food Festival

Interview With Lee Schrager

Founder/director of the upcoming New York City Wine and Food Festival, Lee Schrager, sits down with The Daily Meal executive editor, Arthur Bovino, and discusses this year's festival.

This year’s 7th annual Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival stretches over four days from October 16-19, and features 160 events with renowned chefs from all over the world. But one of America’s biggest food festivals didn’t always start out that way. The Daily Meal’s executive editor Arthur Bovino had the chance to sit down with Lee Schrager, the founder and director of both the New York City festival and the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Schrager offered insight into the humble beginnings of the festival in 2007, and how it’s evolved since.

“Anyone who does a [food festival] should be applauded,” said Schrager in the interview. “There’s something for everyone…We’re bringing pleasure to people and keeping it fresh.”

The festival actually started out as one event called Sweet in 2007, which celebrated all things dessert, and today includes all sorts of events from private dinners, to massive tastings and master classes with famous chefs and personalities. Most importantly, says Schrager, the festival has raised more than $7 million to date for the Food Bank of New York and No Kid Hungry. Watch the full video above to learn more from the master of the festival himself. 

Tickets are going fast to the NYCWFF events, especially to the much-lauded dinner series’, but you can find a full listing of availble events on the official festival site. 

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