The Latest Cooking Tip from Alton Brown: Add Power Drill

The third installment of Cook Smart from Alton Brown covers how to build your very own Pepper Drill

As you can tell, Alton Brown is pretty pleased with his pepper drill.

Alton Brown is back in our lives, and he’s promised to deliver new episodes of his YouTube series Cook Smart every Wednesday until further notice. In today’s visit from Alton, the kitchen wizard offers guidance on how to “supercharge a pepper grinder.”

Unsurprisingly, an Alton-supervised culinary upgrade involves something from the hardware store. In this case: a power drill.

For anyone who plans to host a barbecue this summer, or make yourself extremely useful during one, Brown is here to show you how to build a powerful pepper grinder that will cover a lot of surface area in a short amount of time.

For even more guidance for all you non-visual learners, Alton has even posted a written guide on how to build your own Pepper Drill. Even better, it’s written in exactly the way that Alton speaks, which makes it easy to read the directions in his voice.

In case you missed it, here's last week's coverage of Cook Smart.

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