Alton Brown Launches Cook Smart, A 'Good Eats'-Esque Series

Fans of the former Food Network show Good Eats and its methodical, bespectacled host Alton Brown will be glad to know that Brown is back with a new show, and you can watch it right now on YouTube.

The Cook Smart series feels very similar to Good Eats, a format that certainly works for Alton.

Peering into our souls from his oven cam once more, Brown dedicates the two first segments of Cook Smart to constructing the perfect mustard caddy ("An epic solution to the pesky condiment containers in your refrigerator door") and how to hard-cook eggs in the oven, respectively.

So far, each episode is only a few minutes long, perhaps Alton's way of delivering an amuse-bouche. From the looks of the Alton Brown Television channel on YouTube, which features a dedicated logo of several tiny Altons, he's here to stay.

Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy