jonas brothers coors light
Courtesy of Coors Light

The Jonas Brothers Made a Limited-Edition Beer With Coors Light

The JoBros were 'Made to Chill'
jonas brothers coors light
Courtesy of Coors Light

Why drink regular Coors Light when you can drink Coors Light brewed by the Jonas Brothers? In early October, the band took the stage in Denver, Colorado, for their "Happiness Begins" tour, then hopped over to the Coors Brewery in Golden to try their hand at brewing their favorite beer.

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The finished product? A limited-edition batch with a label that, at first glance, looks like Mount Rushmore, but instead of former presidents, it’s actually Nick, Joe and Kevin in aviators looking cool as ice.

“We are long-time fans of Coors Light and were really excited to be invited out to the Coors brewery,” the Jonas Brothers said in a press release. “We can’t wait for our fans to try the limited edition six-packs of Coors Light that we helped to brew. And it’s pretty amazing that our faces are on the iconic mountains on the bottle.”

jonas brothers coors light

Courtesy of Coors Light

And when the Jonas Brothers say they love Coors Light, they mean it. This year, Joe and “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner had custom label Coors Light bottles at their wedding, and there was a Coors Light cameo with Kevin in the band’s “Only Human” video. Also, if you follow any of them on Instagram, you’ll see that they drink the lager often.

Here’s Nick on a mountain: 

Nick and Joe on a plane:

The whole squad on Super Bowl Sunday:

And Nick with a Coors Light birthday cake:


The Jonas Brothers’ limited-edition six-pack will be available mid-November while supplies last in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashvilla and Tampa only. You can’t just go to the store to get it though. If you want the JoBros beer, you have to order it via delivery service goPuff. If you miss out, put in your ear pods, put “Burnin' Up” on repeat and throw one back at the best dive bar in your state.