How to Open Champagne with a Sword Like a Badass
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How to Open Champagne with a Sword Like a Badass

Pearl and Ash’s wine director Patrick Cappiello teaches us how to “saber” a bottle of Champagne

Do you want to look ridiculously cool in front of your New Year’s Eve party guests without having to resort to wearing an expensive tux? Well, apparently, you can open Champagne with a sword — a bona fide, steel-bladed sword. Get thee to a fainting couch, because this is about to get a lot cooler than you can (probably) handle. Pearl and Ash’s world-class wine director has uploaded a video that shows you how to open a bottle of Champagne with a giant knife, a practice known as “sabering.” It's all a part of the #saberit campaign with

You can watch the video here, but the process is actually fairly simple. First off, Patrick warns that you should only use sparkling wine, as the pressure is what makes this neat little trick possible. Then you should get a giant knife. Remove the foil and cage. The next step is, most importantly, do not aim your Champagne bottle at any people, furniture, or otherwise precious breakables (that does include your mother-in-law). Then, use the dull edge of the giant knife to sweep the knife flush through the length of the bottle.

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Your Champagne cork should come flying off, and a pretty stream of bubbly should come pouring out. Have a bucket handy, because Champagne is a bit too expensive to be wasting on the floor.