Eataly’s Wine Shop is Back After Liquor Authority Scuffle

Eataly’s Wine Shop is Back After Liquor Authority Scuffle
Eataly’s Wine Shop is Back After Liquor Authority Scuffle
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You can get these wines and more on sale at Eataly in the Flat Iron District.

After six months of a wine-less Eataly, Eataly’s Vino is back with a bang and a promotional deal. The New York location of Eataly, the Italian wine and food empire and brainchild of Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich, had to close their wine store in the spring after the New York State Liquor Authority ruled that the company violated a New York State manufacturing law. Batali and Bastinaich had to remove Lidia Bastianich from the liquor license as well as close Vino for six months and pay a hefty $500,000 fine. Finally the six months are up, and Vino has re-opened in its original location. Come by on opening day on October 20th for a complimentary glass of sparkling wine.

And to sweeten the return even further, Vino is holding a promotional sale for select wines for the holiday season.

“We are very excited to be bringing our Eataly Vino back, and we are even more thrilled about our great promotion starting today and throughout the holiday season: 10 Weeks, 20 wines, 30 percent off!” said New York General Manager, Dan Amatuzzi. “We very much look forward to seeing our old friends and customers, and are eager to meet new ones along the way."

Unfortunately, this means that you’ll no longer be able to indulge in the Nutella Bar—Vino’s temporary Eataly replacement. But Eataly representatives have confirmed that the Nutella bar will be going mobile for a while, traveling on a four-wheeled cart around the Eataly marketplace, until it finds a permanent home.

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