Taco, Burrito Emojis Are on the Way

The new release of Japanese characters will feature popular foods in the Western Hemisphere

The new emojis will be released on June 17.

Get ready for a slew of new food emojis coming your way today!

The folks at Emojipedia announced that the Unicode Consortium has approved a new batch of highly requested characters, including a burrito, taco, cheese wedge, hot dog, popcorn, and bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine.

It should be noted that the taco has a hard shell and is filled with what appears to be ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. The burrito has the same filling and is also referred to as the “wrap emoji.” The cheese wedge is described as “not necessarily a specific type or style of cheese, but likely to be shown with a bright yellow appearance.” 

We first received hints that there will be new emojis last November and are excited that this is finally going to happen. And with the new emoji delivery service Fooji in New York City, does this mean we can start ordering burritos? (Take notes, Chipotle).


For now, we will continue to refresh our App updates and plan to use the popping Champagne bottle to celebrate more food emojis!