You Can Now Order Almost Any Food You Want Simply By Sending An Emoji

If you want to track how lazy we've become as a generation, simply look at the advances in food ordering technology. We've gone from Seamless to pizza buttons to ordering Domino's by tweet. But now, with Fooji, you can order almost any food you want simply by sending an emoji. Craving sushi? Just tap the sushi picture in your Emoji keyboard and it will arrive at your doorstep like magic. The only limitations are your imagination, the actual plethora of emoji available, and your location (sorry, Fooji is only available right now in New York City). Plus, every order costs a consistent $15.

Fooji is like an edible game of Russian roulette: You aren't allowed to put any specifications with your order (we're looking at you, vegan and gluten-free folk), and the restaurant that supplies you with live version of your digital food cravings will be kept under wraps until your order arrives.

Fooji sounds like an idea that will catch on fast with the constantly connected generation. But we do have a few questions for this, let's face it, ingenious website: if we sent along the emoji for apple, would we get a handful of apples, or just one? The same with the drumstick: can we get the entire dark meat portion of the chicken, or will only one drumstick show up at our apartment? And for the love of smiley faces, what will happen if we send along the boyfriend emoji?