'Bowser Beer' Made For Dogs

It's wine for French bulldogs, and brews for other pups: one Seattle company is making headlines with its Bowser Beer, a dog-friendly brew that's a real treat. 

The story goes that maker Jenny Brown felt that beer would be the perfect complement to her pretzel dog treats, reports the Pioneer Press. She told the Pioneer Press, "It just seemed like the dogs would want a beer with their pretzels." (We would love to know how she did her market research). After two years of testing recipes, she created two flavors — Beefy Brown Ale and Cock-a-Doodle-Brew — to offer her four-legged customers. 

Animal rights activists need not worry: it's not an actual beer. In fact, the carbonation and hops of regular beer can be a toxic combination for pooches. Instead, Bowser Beer is a meaty broth made with USDA beef and chicken, barley, added vitamins, and glucosamine for dog's health. Brown said it can be enjoyed on its own, or poured on top of food for a sweet treat. 

The retail website for Bowser Beer also has personalized beer bottle labels to really give your pup the full-on beer experience (and yes, the "I Don't Give a Shitzu Brew" is far too adorable). In Minneapolis, one dog-grooming business plans to feature the brew in a dog-friendly lounge during next weekend's gay pride parade.