Are Twinkies Healthier Than You Think?

Hostess compares the cream-filled yellow cake to energy bars
Twinkies Could Be Healthy
Wikimedia Commons/Larry D. Moore

Hostess claims that Twinkies are actually healthier than energy bars.

Hostess claims that their new recipe for the once-extinct sponge cake is just as healthy as energy bars like Kind and Clif bars, according to the New York Post.

A spokesperson from Clif Bar told the Post that although Twinkies have the least amount of calories and fat of these three snacks, it does not have the vitamins and minerals that energy bars do. It is obviously a cake and is made with mainly sugar and flour.

The spokesperson said that energy bars have a higher fat content because they contain nuts, which are notoriously healthy. Energy bars also contain more fiber and protein than Twinkies, which digests slower than the empty-calorie cakes and ensures no sugar crash.

A chocolate chip Clif Bar contains 3.52 calories, 0.73 grams of fat, and 0.022 grams of saturated fat. A Twinkie contains 3.51 calories, 0.12 grams of fat, and 0.588 grams of saturated fat. Overall, Twinkie’s numbers are lower, with the exception of saturated fat (which could, by the way, be better for you than you think).


It’s hard to imagine that Twinkies, which have been deep-fried and used as a burger bun, could be considered healthier than energy bars, but the facts and figures speak for themselves.