Man in Spain Dies After Drinking Detergent Marked as Wine

Detergent was poured into a man’s glass instead of white wine
Detergent Mix-up Results in Death
Wikimedia Commons/Joopey

A man was served detergent that was stored in a wine bottle.

A man in Spain died after he consumed dishwater detergent, which he mistakenly thought was white wine, according to Metro.

Fifty-year-old Andreas Lorente reportedly ordered a glass of wine from a café on June 14, which contained an odorless, colorless detergent that was poured from a wine bottle in the refrigerator. Lorente reportedly took a sip of the wine, not knowing it was detergent, and suffered severe burns in this throat and stomach. 

Lorente was taken to a hospital in Vinaròs and died upon being airlifted to a specialist center for treatment.


Police arrested the café–bar’s owner on suspicion of manslaughter and released him on bail after questioning, according to Sky105. The restaurant was closed following the incident and the owner is expected to appear before an investigating judge on Tuesday, June 16.