La Colombe Creates First-Ever Latte on Tap

Beer isn’t the only drink you can get from a keg

La Colombe is new featuring Draft Lattes at their outpost in Fishtown.

Coffee on tap is now a reality.

La Colombe Torrefaction has created a draft iced latte that’s served on tap, according to their blog. The coffee shop has previously sold cold brew from vintage soda machines, so they are not new to innovating ways to make coffee.

This device combines cold-pressed coffee and frothed milk in a keg, so it’s ready to drink when poured into the glass — no espresso-pulling or milk-frothing required. The lattes have no added sugar and a “microfoam” texture that’s similar to draft beer.

La Colombe’s CEO Todd Carmichael has spent months “tinkering with the recipe and the technology,” according to the company’s blog post. Traditional iced lattes are made by chilling espresso and steamed milk over ice, but Carmichael is pleased with the product he’s created without these steps, particularly its impressive “mouth-feel.”

Carmichael will also be rolling out with canned lattes to be sold across the country, according to Philly Mag.


The draft lattes are currently available at the Fishtown café on Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia and are expected to be offered at La Colombe’s other locations in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York City within the next few months.