Corona Plans to Double Production Size

By 2018, the beer company hopes to produce at least 8.4 million barrels

Corona is in the process of doubling its plant in Nava, Mexico.

Good news for Corona fans: The production plant is planning to double in size to keep up with American demand, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Corona is produced at the Nava Brewery in Nava, Mexico — right by the Texas border. Besides doubling in size, the plant will receive four furnaces by 2018, increasing supply by 50 percent.

Constellation Brand owns Corona, Modelo Especial, and Pacifico beers. Corona shipments have increased almost 10 percent over the last five years, climbing to 7.8 million barrels — which makes it the fifth best-selling beer in the country. Modelo Especial comes in at a close ninth.

Bill Hackett, president of Constellation Brands’ beer division, told The Wall Street Journal that his biggest fear is running out of beer. This is why the company wants to expand and is even looking to break ground in California for a second brewery location.

With the expansion, Constellation is projected to produce at least 8.4 million barrels of beer by 2018, according to company executives. The second brewery could bring that total to 21 million barrels.


If you were ever worried that Corona was going to stop producing beer, you don’t have to be concerned anymore.