Brooklyn Artist Sues Starbucks for Alleged Copyright Infringement

The design of the mini Frappuccino cups may not be an original idea by Starbucks

A Brooklyn artist is suing Starbucks for allegedly using her artwork on the mini Frappuccino (right).

Maya Hayuk is a Brooklyn artist known for the abstract and colorful murals she’s created around the world. Now, she is suing Starbucks for allegedly using her artwork on their mini Frappuccino cups.

Hayuk and her attorney filed the lawsuit on June 24, saying that the design on the new mini Frappuccino cups use her artwork, reports Reuters. Starbucks launched the mini Frappuccino back in May, and they will only be available until July.

The New York Post reported that Starbucks reached out to Hayuk in October, saying that they “loved her work,” but she responded that she was too busy to work on any projects with the coffee company. Hayuk told the Post that the vibrant, triangular lines on the cup are “strikingly similar” to five of her paintings.

A Starbucks spokeswoman said to the Post, “We are aware a complaint has been filed, and we are investigating the allegations.”


Some of Hayuk’s paintings are posted on her website. She is suing Starbucks in Manhattan federal court for $750,000 in copyright penalties and unspecified cash damages.