Dominique Ansel to Open a New Cronut-Less Bakery

In addition to his Tokyo location, Ansel announced that he will also be opening a location in the West Village, and no cronuts!

We guarantee that, cronuts or no cronuts, this place will see lines out the door. 

Just when you thought the age of the cronut was waning, pastry chef extraordinaire Dominique Ansel has announced that he will be opening a second Manhattan bakery, in addition to another Ansel bakery that will start serving cronuts in Tokyo later this year. This newest bakery will open its doors in the West Village this spring, and will not feature any cronuts, according to The New York Times. That’s right, Ansel will be moving on from the flaky filled pastries that made him famous, at least in this location.

What Ansel will focus on instead is combining the speedy service of his bakery with the personalized, made-to-order creations that are usually seen in a restaurant kitchen.

“I’ve worked in restaurants and retail for Daniel Boulud and Fauchon,” he said. “What you miss in a retail bakery is the freshness. So many desserts are better when not sitting around.”


So what can you expect from this menu? The New York Times hints that there will be mille-feuille (also known as the Napoleon vanilla custard pastry), madeleines, and freshly made chocolate mousse. There will also be a communal dessert table where Ansel will hold dessert tastings in the evening.