Does Yankee Stadium Have the Worst Beer in Baseball?

Does Yankee Stadium Have the Worst Beer in Baseball?
Does Yankee Stadium Have the Worst Beer in Baseball?
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The last time we went to Yankee Stadium, the most exotic beer they had was Stella Artois, so we aren’t surprised.

There’s nothing like pairing a cup of cold, frothy beer with a baseball game. Frankly, we’d call you un-American if you didn’t cheer on your favorite players with a hot dog firmly in one hand and an overpriced beer in the other. But as it turns out, some baseball stadiums are way better destinations for beer than others.

The Washington Post recently surveyed all 30 Major League Baseball Stadiums, and based on the locality, quality, and uniqueness of the beers offered, ranked each of America’s baseball stadiums. As it turns out, the Seattle Mariners have the best beer selection, followed by the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians (you go, Ohio!). The prize for worst beer selection in baseball goes to The New York Yankees, followed by the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Atlanta Braves.  You can check out the full list and standings here.

Yankee Stadium’s selections are pretty slim, with mostly varieties of Coor’s Budweiser and Blue Moon available, with zero local breweries represented — not even Brooklyn Brewery! On the other hand, 70 percent of the Seattle Mariners’ beer selection is craft beer, with 20 of their offerings brewed in the state of Washington.

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