Do-Not-Drink Water Warning for DC Area: Petroleum-Like Substance in Water

Residents of a small neighborhood in Washington, D.C. have been issued a warning to not drink the water due to contamination
Do-Not-Drink Water Warning for DC Area: Petroleum-Like Substance in Water

Mmmm… gasoline in my water. Tasty.

Residents of select areas in Washington, D.C., in Logan Circle and Shaw are being warned to not drink, boil, or even bathe in the tap water, which likely smells like petroleum. The tap water in the area has tested positive on Wednesday for some sort of petroleum-like pollutant, according to the Washington Post. Three schools in the area were closed Thursday and Friday due to the water restriction. [related]

Water authorities have confirmed that the pollutant comes from “complicated hydrocarbons,” which could mean a number of things, from petroleum to tar. On Wednesday night, water officials went door-to-door warning residents not to use the water, and to stock up on bottled water instead. The warning is still in effect, while authorities work to figure out the cause, which may have come from a drop in water pressure. As of Friday morning, despite the water department flushing the system twice, there were still traces of contaminants.

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