Denny’s Teams Up with ‘Robot Chicken’ Studio for Web Series

Denny’s hopes to create a viral social media campaign with its newest, millennial-oriented web series
Denny’s Teams Up with ‘Robot Chicken’ Studio for Web Series

Denny's aims to access the social world where millennials "live and breathe."

In an effort to court millennials, Denny’s will launch an animated web series on October 15 highlighting its signature Grand Slam, in a campaign “designed specifically for viral social media play,” reports Nation’s Restaurant News.

The cartoon series “The Grand Slams” was created in partnership with California-based animators Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the same studio behind Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken and MAD TV’s Spy vs Spy.

The debut episode takes place inside a “savory standoff where Bacon and Sausage take on sweet and tasty Pancake.” Other episodes will feature on Halloween, a “Bold Coffee emergency,” and other topics.

“As we continue to grow as a brand and engage with our millennial audience both on- and offline, it is important we extend conversations beyond our diner walls and into the social world where they live and breathe,” said John Dillon, Denny’s vice president of marketing.

“Stoopid Buddy Stoodios has helped us to create this unique series that brings our brand to life in a fun, fresh way, which will allow us to connect in a manner that’s relevant and on their terms.”

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