The Dead Rabbit Brings Mixology History Back to Life

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The parlor at The Dead Rabbit, where this summer, interested parties will learn the secrets of 19th century cocktail-making.

Sure, it’s one thing to sip an ice-cold absinthe-based punch and party like it’s 1899, but it’s quite another thing to actually know where that punch comes from. The Dead Rabbit, known as one of New York’s premiere retro mixology bars, which gets almost its entire cocktail menu from recipes from nineteenth-century saloons and bars, will be hosting a lecture series on the history of mixology called “Great New York Bar-Keepers of the 19th Century.” The first lecture takes place on July 9, and will pair cocktail historian and author David Wondrich with “potable exhibits” stirred up by bar manager and “International Bartender of the Year” Jack McGarry. Each lecture will focus on a different bartending pioneer.

“From its first day, The Dead Rabbit emerged as a global mecca for those seeking quaffs that faithfully and deliciously channel bygone historical eras,” said Wondrich in a written statement.  “I’m delighted to work with Jack McGarry, who has proven why these drinks are still relevant to today’s tipplers and their contemporary palates.  It’s wonderful to sip these libations and share their fascinating and entertaining back stories.”

The lectures will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tickets cost $50, and for that price participants will also get a full drink and five half drinks prepared by Jack McGarry. Get your tickets here.

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