A Belgian Brewery is Building an Underground Beer Tunnel

In Bruges, a brewery is helping the environment and reducing traffic with an innovative underground beer tunnel

De Halve Maan Brewery in Bruges, Belgium, one of the country’s oldest breweries in production, is simplifying its production process by digging a two-mile long underground tunnel that will transport beer from the brewery to the bottling facility, reports Modern Farmer.

The beer pipeline is meant to help reduce traffic in the city (the brewery route to the bottler is currently responsible for 85 percent of truck traffic) and ease the environmental strain by removing approximately 500 delivery trucks.

The 1.86-mile tunnel will transport approximately 6,000 liters of beer per hour, and the cost of construction will be provided entirely by the brewery.

According to De Halve Maan Brewery, the pipeline will be similar to modern pipelines for oil and gas and will not damage the city’s architecture.  

City Lab also points out that this is not the only beer tunnel in use: Cleveland, Ohio’s Great Lakes Brewing Company also uses underground tubing to transport beer from the brewery to the pub across the street. 

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