Another Drive-Thru Prank, This Time with Skeletons

Guys, it's obviously almost Halloween

The prankster is back at it again.

It's officially Halloween season (we're whipping out our witches hats as we type), so naturally YouTube comedian Magic of Rahat decided to amp up his classic Invisible Driver prank by putting a skeleton on top of the seat. So to fast-food workers it looks like a skeleton is driving.

Reactions range from casually surprised ("Do you want sauce with that?" one worker asks) to full on freaking out (screaming and running away from the window). "I gotta put this on Instagram," is sort of a classic response, as well as gathering a bunch of co-workers to stare and narrate what is happening. For kicks, the skeleton even moves, while some other workers engage in a little Q&A for a video, but after a while it starts getting old.

"He does that to everybody," one rational girl tries to explain. "He's on the interweb." The dude better get some new routes, lest he be recognized in all his pranks.

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