New York City's 5 Best Spots for Ice Cream

I’m one picky bitch when it comes to what constitutes “good” ice cream and how to eat it
Cereal milk soft-serve with Corn Flakes.
Arthur Bovino

Cereal milk soft-serve with Corn Flakes.

I have an obsession, and it has nothing to do with the Calvin Klein perfume. Here are some hints. I eat it everyday — there can never be enough. In fact, if there's a shop somewhere within a mile of me, rest assured that I will find it. My sixth sense is finding ice cream.

I have been known to disappear from parties, dinners, events and magically reappear with a cone. In my neighborhood I had every spot figured out by the close of my first week. When I was in China I sustained myself on white rice and packaged ice cream when we traveled sometimes for hours and days without legit meals. For me, ice cream is the ultimate dessert any time of year, but even more so during July — it's National Ice Cream Month after all.

But I’m one picky bitch when it comes to what constitutes “good” ice cream and how to eat it. For instance, I maintain it's better to eat ice cream with a fork than a spoon (odd as it may be) — more  tastebuds experience the ice cream. That being said, I prefer a cone. Lick it up.

Here are the five best spots in New York City for ice cream:


The display at L'Arte del Gelato (Photo:

L’Arte del Gelato75 7th Ave South, Chelsea Market, Lincoln Center

This is an old standby that I often pass over for the flashier gelato fronts, but in all honesty they make the best fruit-based gelati and sorbets.


il Laboratorio in the Lower East Side (Photo courtesy Flickr/b.frahm).

il Laboratorio del Gelato95 Orchard St

This classic Lower East Side gelato shop is a staple. Located next to the historic Tenement Museum, they serve their gelato out of a window. Don’t ask to taste flavors, bring cash, and no, they don't have cones. The flavor selection is smaller, but the reward is great.


Cereal milk soft-serve with Corn Flakes (Photo: Arthur Bovino).

Momofuku Milk Bar East Village, Midtown, Brooklyn

There is nothing better than Momofuku soft-serve, and now we can all enjoy Christina Tosi’s treats without sitting down to eat. (See all the treats available in David Chang's Milk Bar Momo-verse)