New York’s Macaron Parlour Now Selling Cheetos Macarons

This untraditional macaron shop is known for its unique flavors

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

These Cheetos macarons stir up some striking thoughts and for those brave ones, impulses to try it.

In an era when wild food ideas, such as the ramen burger or KFC’s waffle breakfast sandwich, are a dime a dozen, New York’s Macaron Parlour is jumping on the crazy train by introducing Cheetos macarons, according to LA Times.

What inspired the creation? Simon Tung, the co-owner of Macaron Parlour, says his wife and pastry chef thought up the idea as a Halloween joke. He thought it was going to “die out, but then a blog picked it up and then a customer ordered it.”

Tung describes the taste as “a sweet version of a cheetos with the whole salt, savory thing, and a corn chip taste.” 

Infused with Cheetos and white chocolate ganache then topped with Cheetos powder, the macaron’s color speaks true to the product with a vibrant orange you can spot from anywhere. Although it may not be a top seller, the product is a great “conversation starter.” Works for some, but not for all.

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At Macaron Parlour, where themission is “to expand macaron offerings beyond traditional fillings.” The Cheetos macaron isn’t the only eye-popping flavor. Other macarons sold include candied bacon with maple cream cheese frosting, s’mores, snickers, and black sesame with cookies and cream ice cream.