New York City's Best Irish Whiskey Cocktails

5 of the city’s top bartenders share recipes for their favorite whiskey-based tipples

It’s that time of year again, when New York City — along many other locales around the world — becomes awash in a sea of emerald green. The Guinness flows like the mighty Mississippi and Ireland’s amazing array of whiskies are enjoyed in myriad ways.

In regards to the latter, drinking them neat is never a bad idea, perhaps with a chaser of cold, briny pickle juice in what has become a cult shot amongst the city’s barkeeps — the "pickle back." Sounds weird (and it is), but you’re going to have to trust me on this one, folks.

But of course, what spirit is safe from the curious minds and dexterous hands of Gotham’s finest mixologists? Irish whiskey (America’s fastest growing spirit category right now, for the record), with its many expressions, makes an incredible base across many drink styles. What’s more, its versatility in pairing with many other ingredients is the reason why it’s the current darling of the cocktail cognoscenti. Sure, many bars will be boasting that they make the "best" Irish coffee, but for something with a little more sophistication, get yourself to one of these watering holes and put yourself at the mercy of some of the country’s great bartending talents.

Jim Meehan of PDT fame and author of the recently released PDT Cocktail Book  could create a slew of Irish-based cocktails in his sleep. Indeed, his new book contains some gems, including the Weeski, Paddy Wallbanger, and the Lake George to name but a few. This one here has got spring all over it: light, floral, aromatic, and elegant.

"It's a bit of a Bee's Knees variation (gin, honey syrup, lemon) with lots of floral ingredients since they'll be popping up soon," says PDT owner Jim Meehan, of the Flower Powers cocktail.