Drink Your Way to Healthier Skin

Get gorgeous skin the most fun way possible

Pack on the antioxidants and slough off unhealthy skin this New Year's.

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and you haven’t started considering your resolutions, have you? At this point, you probably know which party you’re attending, but it’s likely that you haven’t even begun to choose a way in which to systematically improve yourself over the next year. You might get panicked and decide on something really bland like "eat better," "purchase a gym membership," or "quit with the absurd-looking e-cigarettes already." Alternatively, you might be kind of amazing and decide to start training seeing-eye dogs for underprivileged blind children or learning the electric flute in order to get serious about starting that Jethro Tull cover band. You have options, is what I’m saying.

Check out the Drink Your Way to Healthier Skin Slideshow.

A lot of people will resolve to drink less in the 2014, which doesn’t really make sense as a concept to me. Naturally, cutting back on — or cutting out — the booze might be a really good decision for both your health and your wallet. It’s not as though teetotalers don’t drink anything, though — they just refrain from drinking alcohol. If you’re cutting back on or quitting alcohol, you’re going to have to replace the spirits with something. So you don’t really need to drink less; you just need to learn how to drink better

Click through our slideshow in order and learn how to drink your way to healthy, glowing skin in 2014. We checked in with dermatologist Dr. Janet Lin for a recommendation – Dr. Lin explains that "antioxidants are good for repairing sun-related free radical damage to the skin" and her drink pick is absolutely full of them. 


Don’t worry, though, we snuck some cocktails in to the mix as well.