New Starbucks Gift Card for the 1 Percent

The Starbucks Metal Card is priced at $450 for elite coffee drinkers

First, it was the new, pricey cup of $7 coffee. Now, Starbucks is rolling out the super-premium gift card — the Starbucks Metal Card — just in time for the holidays. 

The super-premium gift card will cost customers a whopping $450 to gift someone very, very special a whole lot of coffee this holiday season. (In case you were wondering, that equals about 57 of the $7 cups of coffee; you can get the full breakdown of coffees from USA Today.) The card, worth $400 dollars in coffee for the recipient, costs $50 to make. Why is that, you ask? Oh, we forgot to mention: this is no flimsy, plastic gift card. It’s made from steel. (Now we know where they got the "super.")

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You won’t be finding the Starbucks Metal Card in stores, either; these cards are only available on the ritzy, luxury goods website, The card also offers gold-level membership benefits because, well, when you’re forking out $450 for a card, you might as well get a few extra perks. But these cards won’t be around forever, as Starbucks is only making 5,000 of them. The card will become available on the website for Starbucks members on Thursday and the public on Friday.