New Restaurant Pioneers to Open Prospect in Brooklyn

High school buddies partner with an executive chef to open a modern American restaurant

In hopes of expanding the modern American culinary scene in Brooklyn, N.Y., high school buddies Alan Cooper and Stephen Cohen plan to open their ambitiously named restaurant Prospect. With the help of executive chef Kyle McClelland, Prospect is a fusion between fine dining and a casual atmosphere.

The décor at Prospect will be vastly eclectic, as there are plans for a wall made of reclaimed wood from the original Coney Island Boardwalk, a full bar, a 46-seat floor plan with a kitchen view, and a featured collection of Peter J. Cohen’s American portraits.

The same spirit of diversity will be highlighted in the menu. The chef’s table menu will frequently change and offer a choice of three, five, or eight courses, while ingredients for all the entrées will be made with locally grown ingredients.

Chef McClelland shared, "In Brooklyn, there have been major developments in the culinary scene, particularly with rooftop farming and growth of the Fort Greene Park Greenmarket. Our menu will support farmers and artisans who focus on quality and sustainability."

While chef McClelland is making entrées, such as pork jowl with black garlic, baby leeks, and golden carrots, co-owner Stephen Cohen and mixologist Michael Martensen will be creating specialty drinks and offering old world classics at the bar.

At 773 Fulton St. in Brooklyn, N.Y., Prospect will be serving dinner six nights a week and and brunch on the weekends. To make plans to visit Prospect make reservations on