New Drink Products for June 3

A roundup of this week’s drink industry news

Glenrothes Limited Edition Triple Pack

Each week, The Daily Meal gives you a round-up of new drinks to hit shelves. What we’re excited to try:

Glenrothes Triple Pack: Pick your dad up the Glenrothes Limited Edition Scotch Triple Pack for Father’s Day this month. Including 3 100mL bottle samples of the Select Reserve, Vintage 1998, and the Vintage 2001, this will be the first opportunity for buyers to taste the Vintage 2001. Available in all US markets selling Glenrothes, the triple pack retails for $39.99.

JOOSE Margaritas: Now offered in a 12-pack with 12-ounce cans, consumers are able to pull a JOOSE Margarita™ straight out of their coolers. Three flavors, Classic, Peach, and Strawberry, are found in Wal-Mart, 7-11, and convenience and liquor stores nationwide. Selling in a 12-pack, one can also purchase the drink in the original 23.5-ounce cans.

Astral Tequila: Coming into the market at a strong 92 proof, Astral Tequila was released last month at spirit retailers in California, Colorado, and Chicago. The fruit flavor behind the original punch comes from the organic Weber blue agave, originating from a single mountainous estate at the western edge of Tequila. This blanco tequila retails at $34.99 per 750 ml bottle, and will soon be released nationwide.


American Summits Mineral Water: American Summits Mineral Water changes up the bottled water market by providing the public with naturally alkaline water, straight from the Beartooth Mountain Range of Wyoming. Bottled at the source, and boasting a 100 percent recyclable glass bottle, American Summits Mineral water is extremely eco-friendly. Available online at $17.50 a case, the water is currently being served in leading restaurants in Washington, D.C, Chicago, Las Vegas, Wyoming, and California