New App Detects Fake Wine

A new app promises to authenticate Australian wines in China

A new app promises to be able to identify authentic Australian wines by scanning the labels.

The Chinese wine market is enormous, but the number of counterfeit wines going around has customers concerned about authenticity. Now a new app promises to solve the problem by authenticating Australian wines so customers can have a glass and relax.

According to Shanghaiist, the new app from Chinese IT company Invengo and Australian basketball player Andrew Vlahov says it will be able to identify authentic labels from Australian wines and weed out the knockoffs. A version that could identify real labels from non-Australian wines seems like it would also come in handy, considering that nobody wants to pay top dollar for a Chateau Lafite Rothschild that turns out to be fake.

Vlahov believes customers will be willing to pay a bit extra for a bottle they know to be authentic.

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“That’s essentially what we’re trying to do,” he said, “establish a new benchmark and protocol that’s accepted by Australians and the Chinese.”