Nestle Opens Food Safety Institute in Beijing

Nestle’s new Beijing research institute will consult on food safety
Wikimedia/Captain USA

Nestle has opened a Food Safety Institute in Beijing.

Food safety is a big concern in China, where news comes out regularly of dangerous additives found in food and criminal rings trading in illegal and potentially dangerous food processing. Now Nestle has opened a new food safety research institute in Beijing, with the goal of providing a scientific basis for food safety policies that will help officials enforce food safety regulations.

According to Shanghaiist, the Nestle Food Safety Institute plans to run food-safety training programs and expects to collaborate with universities, government agencies, and other research institutes on various food safety issues in China.

“The inauguration underlines Nestle’s commitment to food safety and is also another important highlight in the story of Nestle’s successful and long-standing presence in China,” said Stefan Catsicas, chief technology officer for Nestle. “I am in no doubt that the work of the Nestle Food Safety Institute will contribute to creating shared value for Nestle shareholders and for society in China.”

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The Food Safety Institute is based in Nestle’s research and development center in Beijing, and the company says it will be linked to its network of quality assurance centers.