Pork Trotter Ring Shut Down in Nanjing

Pigs' feet processing ring shut down for using illegal chemical treatments

An illegal processing ring has been busted in Nanjing for bleaching pork trotters with hazardous chemicals.

There’s not much that can be done to make a pig’s foot look more appetizing, but police in Nanjing, China have just busted a ring of trotter processors who were going to illegal extremes to make their pig feet look more delicious.

According to Shanghaiist, Nanjing police investigated the illegal pork trotter ring after receiving an anonymous tip. Inside a building scheduled for demolition, they found 2.5 tons of pigs’ feet, just soaking away in chemical baths in giant blue plastic barrels along the wall of the workshop. The barrels were allegedly full of industrial strength 27.5% hydrogen peroxide, which is a dangerous chemical and potential carcinogen not meant to be eaten.

The pigs’ feet were originally exported from France for sale in China, where the processing ring bleached them in peroxide to make them look more white and delicious.

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Police say the ring was extremely successful and sold hundreds of pounds of tainted pigs’ feet every day. The investigation into the illegal pigs’ foot treatment operation is ongoing.